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scorpio season spread.png

Scorpio Season/Samhain/Halloween Spread

Ask your guides:

  1. What do you need to let go of in your life?

  2. What is the thing that needs to change right now?

  3. A message from your ancestors or guides

  4. How to nurture yourself spiritually

  5. How to nourish your love life

  6. What do you really want to happen in the next year?

  7. How to encourage these goals to become a reality


Crystal Clarity: A Spread for Libra Season

We SO believe in the power of daydreaming, especially in this astrological climate <3 Our girl, Hayley, created this spread exactly a year ago and it is still one of our fav go-to spreads. Here’s an excerpt from Hayley:

“To manifest desires when you're a daydreamy babe, all you have to do is get clear on how you want to feel and the stage props and storyline will take care of themselves. If there are blocks to receiving it, the universe can't help arrange the stage, so getting clear about what you don't need is equally important.”

The Crystal Clarity spread is perfect for Libra season because it is helpful for getting a super clear vision of your deepest desires while also uncovering any of the vibes you’re emanating that could keep you from receiving those gifts.

1. What do I really want? 

2. What is blocking me from receiving it?

3. What do I need to do to release this block?

4. What will be the first sign that the path has cleared?

5. What am I attracting right now instead? (bottom of the deck)

virgo season spread.png

Time to get it right, get it tight

Virgo season is all about planning and setting yourself up for success. This spread is intended to help clarify your goals and dreams in all aspects of your life. 

  1. Guidance on your wellbeing
  2. Guidance about the people around you and how they are affecting or perceiving your
  3. Guidance on your love life
  4. Guidance on your money and career
  5. This theme helps clarify the guidance on your wellbeing
  6. This theme helps clarify your guidance about other people
  7. This theme helps clarify your love life
  8. This theme helps clarify your money situation
  9. This is the challenge to overcome or focus on regarding your wellbeing
  10. This is the challenge to overcome or focus on regarding relationships/other people
  11. This is the challenge to overcome or focus on regarding your love life
  12. This is the challenge to overcome or focus on regarding your career
leo season spread.png

Get Right With Your Inner Bad Bitch

Let's be real: Leo season is about selfishness. Be fucking selfish. You serve it. The energy swirling around us is all about uncovering deep truths about ourselves and revealing what is holding us back so we can release it. Leo season is like, "What can you do for yourself? Well, are you gonna do it?"

If you're ready, it's about to be the ride of our lives rn, so we can step out of Leo season dazzling, shining, gorgeous, ON FIRE. 

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirit
  4. What is blocking your mind from being its best?
  5. What is blocking your body from being its best?
  6. What is blocking your spirit from being its best?
  7. How to move past the block on your mind
  8. How to move past the block on your body
  9. How to move past the block on your spirit
  10. After pulling the other cards, flip the deck. This card represents the best possible outcome


Artboard 1.png

Cancer Season Tarot Spread

Use this tarot spread to explore and understand your most primal emotions and intentions.

1. Your current inner state.

2. What you need to shed in order to nurture that state...

3. HOW to nurture your inner being.

4. The energy you need to work with to act out your deepest intentions.

5. Blocks you are currently experiencing.

6. How to over come them.

7. Outcome


Cancer Energy Tarot Reading

This month, we are dealing with releasing that thing, or that person, that just won't stop coming back up and interrupting our lives. This can mean you need to release an old story, old relationships, a stale career, old feelings... That thing we can't stop going back to. In order to move on with our lives, we are being called to let go of the stories we constantly replay in our heads. Are you convinced that you are a damaged person? Well, you aren't. Are you telling yourself that you have to work way too hard to achieve success? Guess what, you don't. Is there someone who pulls you back in again and again as soon as you try to move on? Cut them off.

1. Your current inner state: The Sun. The Sun is a card of joy and happiness. It's all about positive action and success, almost to a level of mastery but not quite. In this position, it suggests that we have made good progress in our lives and we are just about to attain it all. 

2. What you need to shed in order to nurture that state: 6 of Cups, which is a card of memories of past happiness, a gift, people coming back around from the past... We are being called to stop living and dwelling on the past, releasing the old stories we replay over and over. I am not that girl anymore, and neither are you. Be the real you.

3. HOW to nurture your inner being: Justice. Balance, fairness, equality, good decisions. The key to nurturing your inner Sun is making good decisions to move past those crusty old blocks. But also, are you too focused on what's fair and what isn't? That doesn't really seem like the best way to nurture The Sun. 

4. The energy you need to work with to act out your deepest intentions: The Chariot is another card of balance, exerting control over the situation. This card is one of the only ones in the major arcana that foretells victory and immediate success. You are taking the reigns over your life. We all need to take control and stand up for ourselves this month. Be the boss of your life and make the decisions you know are right for you. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Don't let others (or your old patterns) keep you from your goals.

5. Blocks you are currently experiencing: Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel represents a change of fortune, karma, the ebb and flow of time and events. We can experience success, and we are rewarded for going with the flow of destiny. In this position, perhaps we are resisting that change... Maybe it's really hard to go with the flow, idk about you, but like... it can be hard to let it lie. Perhaps we are relying TOO much on allowing destiny to play itself out. Only you can know which is truest for you.

6. How to over come those blocks: 2 of Wands. This card is all about laying the groundwork to embark on a new path. It's about having the courage to take a leap, start a new project, do the research. Are you restless? Be patient. Start doing the research and laying out plans for your new path.

7. Outcome: 3 of Wands. Those plans? They come together. Do the work, release your old stories, let go of the past, do your research. 3 of Wands suggests that you have made good decisions that will bear positive fruit. Did you ask for help for friends along the way? Recognize them and continue to nurture those relationships. Maybe you'll find something new about yourself or a loved one that will help along the path.

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