Taurus is a fixed earth sign, making them super grounded. They’re represented by the bull, so they’re super loving, parental, and assertive. At the same time, Taurus hates risk, and they do not like to push boundaries or have their boundaries tested. They love to be in charge but they’re not pushy leaders. Taurus enjoys observing drama, but they don’t like to be enmeshed in it.

People with Taurus placements have a very traditional view of how things should be and want to help beautify the situations around them; they follow their own standard. They know how to create a delightful package and have an effortless, natural eye for the perfect form.

Even men who have Taurus sun sign have feminine qualities. They are very nurturing and love to take care of things (think: plants, babies, animals, businesses). They are maternal and thrive on watching something grow. They are very wholesome and all about creature comforts, giving them a strong connection to their home.