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Aries Spellsisters@3x.png

Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars focused on inner leadership. Cardinal signs are natural born leaders who love to protect those around them. Cardinal signs are all about action; they move projects and ideas forward. Fire signs are passionate and growth-oriented. They act on instinct and need to listen to their gut in order to live their best life.

Aries is a dynamic and motivated go-getter. They have a wholesome sense of self so many people who have Aries as their sun sign have a competitive edge and are keen on self-preservation.

People who Aries sun signs are passionate about protecting the vulnerable. They, themselves, are very childlike and comfortable with being vulnerable, so they empathize with the innocent. They are very open and wear their heart on their sleeve, but not because they want to; they literally cannot help but be themselves at all times. People with Aries in their chart are very authentic self-starters.


Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, making them super grounded. They’re represented by the bull, so they’re super loving, parental, and assertive. At the same time, Taurus hates risk, and they do not like to push boundaries or have their boundaries tested. They love to be in charge but they’re not pushy leaders. Taurus enjoys observing drama, but they don’t like to be enmeshed in it.

People with Taurus placements have a very traditional view of how things should be and want to help beautify the situations around them; they follow their own standard. They know how to create a delightful package and have an effortless, natural eye for the perfect form.

Even men who have Taurus sun sign have feminine qualities. They are very nurturing and love to take care of things (think: plants, babies, animals, businesses). They are maternal and thrive on watching something grow. They are very wholesome and all about creature comforts, giving them a strong connection to their home.

Gemini Spellsisters@3x.png

Adventurous Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, which, in astrology, is the planet of communication. Gemini is represented by ~the twins~ symbolizing quick, dualistic communication. Gemini is known for being witty and super social. People with Gemini sun signs are usually up on the latest info on everything, but this makes it possible for them to spread rumors.

At their best, Geminis are intellectual, but at their worst, they can be gossipy... and they’re often known for somehow being both. With Gemini sun signs, you get like a two-in-one: the super funny jokester and the quick-witted king/queen of snark.

Air signs are the creative “winds of change” of the zodiac. Mutable signs are super comfortable with change, and in fact, they often ignite it. Mutable signs, like Gemini, are super flexible, and they love chameleon-ing to different types of situations and environments. They love it when life looks different day to day.

Cancer Spellsisters@3x.png

Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by the Moon. Cancers are super sensitive with a hard outer shell. They have a strong urge to hermit and be homebodes, spending time with family or being super domestic (think: baking pies, tending to a garden, reading a book that moves you to tears). Cancer rules the 4th house, which is all about feeling your roots and your home.

Cancer, the crab, is a very feeling sign. This sensitive, comforting, nurturing water sign is ruled by the Moon, which is the planet of moods and emotions. Cancer is super in tune and empathetic. The emotional nature of Cancer can also make people who have this as their sun sign very temperatmental and moody.

Cancers are known for being supportive and nurturing partners. They’re helpful, responsible, and super compassionate. They’re often leaders, but in a soft type of way; they like to be in charge, but don’t like to have to corral or tell people what to do. They excel at caring for friends, family, and everyone else who spends time around them.

Leo Spellsisters@3x.png

Leo the lion is a fixed fire sign whose ruling planet is none other than the Sun. People who have Leo as their Sun sign are very confident and courageous, generous and protective, loyal and kind. They are driven by the pursuit of beauty, so at times they can come off to outsiders as shallow or arrogant. They are very forward, so at their best, they are high achievers, but at their worst, aggressive.

Leos are fierce and passionate and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They’re super expressive and honest and can sometimes get carried away by how driven they are; sometimes they are so focused on the pursuit that they don’t even want the reward.

Fire signs are very intense, natural leaders who thrive in a spotlight. And with the Sun, the literal center of the universe, as its ruling planet, Leo is driven by ego and the self. Leo is a fixed sign, so they are one of the stabilizers of the zodiac. What this means is that good at setting a goal and starting the work; they take the good ideas of cardinal signs and make them real.

Virgo Spellsisters@3x.png

Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Virgo is represented by the Mother Mary-esque Virgin, a rule-following, nurturing, and organized fixer of all things. Virgo can be found putting things back together, reorganizing, and efficiently restoring order. This can sometimes make them seem like (or actually be) perfectionists. The details are everything to a Virgo.

Being a mutable sign makes Virgo super comfortable with change, and the element of Earth provides Virgo with a need to find a sense of groundedness. Their need to find time for rest and relaxation prevails no matter what is going on in their life because worrying about all those details can wear anyone out. People with Virgo as their sun sign are able to go with the flow through the motions of life, as long as they can maintain a sense of order throughout the changing tides.

Virgos are super observant, sometimes making them come off as critical, even when they’re just trying to help. Virgos are super hard workers and are known for being too hard on themselves. But we know they are #flawless™ and they definitely just woke up like that (in the words of our fav Virgo, Beyoncé).

Libra Spellsisters@3x.png

Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. Represented by the Scales of Justice, Libra is focused on balance, peace, and harmony. Libra is known as the compassionate and charming peacekeeper, and people with Libra as their sun sign are experts in weighing every option in an effort to ensure balance. Those on a Libra’s good side see a lovable, fair, and genuine friend; but if a Libra doesn’t like you, you might see a more vain, indecisive, holier than thou person. This is because Libra doesn’t like to take the wheel if they don’t have to… It makes them feel bad, so in an effort to remain fair, they want someone else to make the decision.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet that controls love and beauty. Venus is the only planet named for a female goddess. She rules feminine power, as Venus was the Roman goddess of beauty, sex, pleasure, love, and attraction. Even Libra men appreciate the beauty of the universe on a deep level.

Venus provides Libra with a sophistication that other signs don’t tend to dwell upon. Libra enjoys luxury (like Leo, but unlike Leo, Libra is not entirely driven by their love of luxury). Libra is more into a fancy jacket, rather than an entire wardrobe full of extravagant clothes (re: fairness and balance).


Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto, making them really intense and deep. Pluto rules the underworld, including death, the occult, creepy things, etc. This makes people who have Scorpio as their sun sign secretive and passionate, and very intuitive, even bordering on psychic.

Scorpio’s instincts are sharp as a tack, and they are so in tune with darkness that they can see through any murkiness. Scorpio is a fixed sign, making it one of the stabilizers of the zodiac. What this means is that good at setting a goal and starting the work; they take the good ideas of cardinal signs and make them real.

This is also why Scorpio is one of the most loyal signs but they can also be super guarded. Not everyone gets VIP access to Scorpio’s life and secrets. Scorpios often seem very reserved and they need time to feel out a situation before they fully trust it, but when they do open up, their charisma is magnetic.


Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius, the sky archer, LOVES to follow a whim. People with this sun sign are very confident and super independent. They are often elusive... Sagittarians can, at times, seem flighty (because they love change), which can seem selfish to others (because they make their own plans), and they can seem kinda reckless to outsiders (because they also love to take risks). They’re also a supremely dedicated and encouraging sign.

Sagittarius sun signs have a super strong need to reflexively act on their gut instinct. They are transformative, self-confident, and flexible but they also have majorly big goals.

This is because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which in astrology, is the planet of expansion. Jupiter encourages risk-taking and growth. In mythology, Zeus (represented by Jupiter), is the ruler of all the gods, and while he controls what is ~traditionally right~ and acceptable, he also challenges it. Sagittarius follows the “spirit of the law, rather than the letter.”


Capricorn is a cardinal water sign ruled by Saturn. It’s one of the most practical signs, and usually people with this sun sign are productive, responsible, and serious about their goals. It’s a very eye on the prize type of season, especially since it occurs at the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. Capricorn is the go-getter who focuses on how to make exciting dreams come true. Capricorns are adept at getting down to work, making real, solid plans, and getting the ball rolling.

Saturn, the planet of rules and structure, rules Capricorn. Saturn usually brings about hard lessons... like really hard. Most Capricorns are well-versed in overcoming major challenges--these challenges help shape who they are, and they then become shepherds for others who experience the same struggles.

Nothing good comes easily or without hard work. It always requires willpower, patience, and determination to get where you are going. And that is why Capricorns are one of the strongest signs.

Aquarius Spellsisters@3x.png

Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) are practically connect to this planet through their intellect. They are fair, so they make good mediators because they love to solve problems. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) round out and stabilize the zodiac. These signs follow the lead of cardinal signs by bringing their ideas to life.

Aquarius is one of the most eccentric signs, and deals with revolution, cutting edge thinking, friendship, and loyalty. Aquarius like ~knows they know~ and can sometimes be stubborn and brutally honest, but they’re the most cosmically connected sign... the out of this world alien-ness of Aquarius somehow brings like this crazy spin to things that are actually really good ideas.

Aquarius is ruled by both Uranus AND Saturn. Uranus rules disruption and abruptness; think literal revolutions and massive change. Saturn is basically the opposite: responsibility, structure, commitment. This is why Aquarius is driven to make the world a better place.

Pisces Spellsisters@3x.png

Pisces is is a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune. The empath of the zodiac, Pisces absorbs the energy of other people really easily; as a mutable sign, the moods and energy of Pisces’ surroundings heavily influence them.

At its worst, Pisces can be self-destructive, overly attached, or even obsessed, wildly imaginative in a way that prevents them from being productive. Pisces is super creative and intense but can get carried away in the moment and is known for their dramaticism. But in check, this can be a good thing. When on the level of self-preservation, worrying can be like keeping an eye out for trouble, but when in a downward spiral, worrying can be the crutch that prevents you from doing anything new.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the almighty God of the Sea. Neptune is mythologically known as a temperamental tormentor who he was feared for how easily infuriated he was, often creating these insane, destructive earthquakes and sea storms. As a planet in astrology, Neptune is known for ruling all that lies beneath. This includes mystery, secrets, the subconscious mind and dreams. Neptune, and therefore Pisces, loves that which cannot be seen. They know that even if you can’t see it, it may still be tremendously important. Think: personality and emotional intelligence.

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