Tarot Disclaimer

We are not fortune tellers. Interpretations grow richer throughout the reading, as we work together to connect what's happening in your life. We do not know your life story at the beginning of a reading, but instead, by applying the context of your life to the meaning of the cards, we are able to gain insight. Tarot readings are an exchange of energy and should also include active participation from the person receiving the reading. The context of your life is what makes a reading complete, and we cannot know everything. 

We will work with you to make connections to the different aspects of your life, guided by the cards, intuition, empathy, and energy, and then use this information to help you move past what's keeping you from moving forward or holding you back.

The cards and our intuition are a tool for you to answer your questions. We cannot tell you anything that your inner being doesn't already know, but the cards can help convey those messages from within to your physical body.

Spellsisters only intends to provide advice, support, and guidance. We do not claim to know the answers or read minds. We reserve the right to refuse serving anyone who seems to have bad intentions or vibes, and we are not responsible for any decisions you make based off our readings. Your actions are entirely your responsibility; we are only able to tell you what our intuition feels.