All Hallows Day - Amulet Tutorial 11.1


With the full moon in Taurus on Nov. 4th and Halloween behind us, the portal is definitely **open** and you're going to need something to keep you safe. Most of us have little things we do--hold our breath driving by a cemetery, reflexively knock on wood to ward off problems--these little superstitious behaviors are seeded in tradition and provide a tiny touchstone that we can fall back on to believe that everything's going to be ok. Amulets work like this too and they're easy to make. Amulets are charmed natural objects that absorb and block negative interference from outside you by running defense before you even enter a space. For that reason, they need to be worn on your body as a living ritual. 


You will need something from nature because that will have the most powerful energy. It can be something that was once alive or something that grew. It can be a crystal or stone with magical properties. It needs to have color properties of protection (i.e., grey or black, colors of earth, smoky or saplike in some way). You can use a black cord that can be wrapped around the object, you can use a black jewelry bag and carry it in your pocket, or you can wrap the object itself in macrame. 


Excellent protective stones/minerals: smoky quartz, sparkly spirit quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst, obsidian, black agate, iron ore, magnetite, amber

Excellent protective nature talismans: evergreen cones, hollow walnuts, hollow chestnut burrs, acorn, coral


1. OMG SO SO EASY version: literally take one of the charms you have listed above and carry it on you in your pocket or your purse. Skip to spell section once you have what you want to use.

2. V v v easy version: Grab a pair of earrings or a necklace with crystals that are dark or smoky in nature or have magical qualities and turn them into magical tools. You will need to consecrate them. Skip to spell section once you've gathered your jewelry.

3. Easy peasy nature option: Wrap cord or yarn you have around the house and loop once through the hole in the walnut or chestnut burr. Glue gun a jewelry fastener loop onto an acorn or a little pine cone. Leave about a yard of cord there so you can cut, knot and slip it over your head.

4. Hard version: Make a macrame net to hold the object that can be assembled from braided embroidery cord or lace weight yarn. You will need a bead as well. Instructions below:


Ok this is going to sound v witchy but dude this is the best time to do it so go big or go home! Today during Samhain or within +/- 4 days of the full moon, consecrate the amulet with the spell below. You need to say it three times, it needs to be done outside, ideally with the moon visible (day or night). It is best to cast a circle with salt around you first (Morton salt kind with the cute lil bb on the front). Once you are within the circle of protection, please stand or kneel (if you're in private outdoor area) and hold the amulet. Take a few minutes to ground yourself visualizing a root extending from your legs into the earth and imagine white light surrounding you. Now, say three times:

"holy power cast thy charm;

repel the force that seeks to harm;

under full moon, yet to set;

consecrate this amulet"

Carry the amulet with you or wear it until the end of November to prevent the intensity of Scorpio season from getting the best of you or any untoward spirits from contacting you.

Remember, you don't need ANY magical tools to be protected and to make magic in your life. Amulets are just a good way to maintain magic during times of weakness or times when the veil is thin and you're vulnerable to negative forces.

A story about the importance of grounding and protection: Kelli and I were dicking around with the Ouija board last night and it started off very pleasant. The spirit I thought we were talking to was my grandma (she even confirmed her fav breakfast food as a teenager as hot dogs!) but soon enough we started losing control of the board and it kept repeating "AZAZAZAZ" and "MAMAMAMA" in a rapid figure 8. We looked it up after saying GOODBYE and realized what was going on was classsssiccc demon behavior and we just shut that fucker down. Bye bitch (the demon, not grandma--my grandma was the best). We figured the veil was thin, so we had to set up a magical circle around our cozy corner at White Rabbit. We didn't have tools, so we cast a circle with white light and an incantation--literally the most natural thing in the world to do in the witchy cozy space at the White Rabbit


Hayley + Kelli