Let Go or Be Dragged Full Moon in Gemini 11/23

Via Fuzzy Ink on Etsy

Via Fuzzy Ink on Etsy

  • Mars in Pisces square Moon
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius square Moon
  • Moon ruled by Mercury 
  • Mercury retrograde  

Earlier this week, a large whale was found off the coast of Indonesia with 13 pounds of plastic in its stomach. It had swallowed more than one thousand pieces of our plastic waste. 

On a remote island that has resisted visitors for hundreds of years, an American was killed while attempting to evangelize, invading their well-protected space and resisting repeated warnings of violence. 

Since this full moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, we are all using our communication to convey and understand deeper principles in our lives. It’s kind of like applying a global philosophy to small scale, daily life. How do you connect larger, humanitarian principles on local, neighborhood level without damaging the delicate ecosystem that we’re already a part of?

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This full moon will greatly affect your ability to convey your dreams to others. There’s a lot of energy behind this full moon; some chaotic, some fun.  It packs a real punch because Mars and Jupiter are activating your abilities to nurture yourself and others through words and intentions. This full moon is expansive; its an activator for your dreams. It can also stimulate tension and conflict, as it causes us to simultaneously want to expand and contract. Remember that delicate ecosystem? It’s almost as if Mars and Jupiter are your drunk cousin encouraging you to live libidinously while you keep trying to responsibly leave the holiday party early.

New moon in Scorpio, two weeks ago, was a time to shed your skin and now, this full moon in Gemini is ushering us into a time where the egg hatches, and words are starting to rapidly grow our dreams. It’s almost like intentions are becoming real life conversations and growing into collaborative efforts, exposing them to light, making them a reality and requiring more attention.

This season is really about starting to flesh out your ideas and open up to a new way of thinking about how you fit into the larger global culture. It’s about expanding and growing the dream that you’ve finally decided to put your energy into without stepping on others toes in the process. 



Kelli Jenkins