What Does It Mean When a Crystal Breaks?

Okay, so this question has come up SEVERAL times in the last few weeks for us… “What does it mean when my crystal breaks? What happens? What do I do?”

There are many schools of thought here… Some people just think, ‘cool, glue it, nbd,” and some are like, ‘you must gift half to your second god-niece,’ others are like, ‘bury it in dirt for 69 days after the first rain of the month,’ or ‘throw it out the window in a swirling motion,’ etc. My dramatic point is: there is no right or wrong answer.

Do crystals feel? Uh, duh. Have you ever been in a cave? Once, I was on a tour in this cave that was full of calcite. Every time the guide moved forward in front of us, I would glance back behind me to see the walls of the cave glittering and glistening, almost like they were talking to each other… or maybe even to us, who knows? At the end of the tour, the guide was like, “Wanna see the coolest thing ever?” She turned off all the lights so the cave was in total darkness, shone a flashlight on this big ass piece of calcite (I mean, this thing was as big as I am, at least), and then turned the flashlight off. I SHIT YOU NOT: the calcite was straight up GLOWING, in complete and total darkness.

So, yeah, I mean, it kind of seems like they do something to me.

via Spellsisters | Instagram

via Spellsisters | Instagram

Recently, Hayley did a reading and our client asked, “Hey, what does it mean when my crystal breaks?” And she was just the first in a series of friends asking!

**cracks knuckles**

Okay! So! This can happen for lots of reasons. Maybe it just happened to break and it doesn’t mean anything. That can happen. Maybe it hates the environment its in! Some crystals don’t love extreme weather and can break if you leave them outside or on a windowsill. Others hate water and will straight up get brittle if you get them wet, making them more susceptible to breaks.

Another potential reason: maybe you have gotten what you needed from your crystal. This can happen if you’ve been carrying it or meditating with it a lot. Sometimes they get oversaturated or tired. If a crystal breaks, I usually consider it to be a sign that you are done with it. Not like you have to throw it away, or anything, just like you’ve learned the lesson. The crystal’s work is done here. Goodbye!

But it ain’t all that easy losing your child. It can be hard to accept that you are simply done with the lesson. There is also a possibility that you have used the crystal too much, or too fast, or too hard.

How do you know why it broke?

Hold it in your hands and listen. Sometimes it really is that freakin’ simple. When you ~catch a vibe~ and have a thought, guess what? That’s the whole thing. You’re basically channeling rn. If you have a feeling or thought when you hold your broken crystal, does it feel stressful, happy, angry, chill, nothing? If you broke a crystal, sit with it and try to sense if it needs mending. Can you glue a crystal? Sure. But do you want to? Does it just want to be two crystals now?

Consider where it has come from. Consider that crystals are rocks that have spent thousands of years forming under the most intense conditions in the world. Breaking as a result of falling of your altar is, I’m pretty sure, just another chip off the block (lol, get it?!). Unless your crystal is fake. Then, bb, you need an upgrade.

Essentially, it doesn’t really matter all that much why it broke, but it’s what you have been doing leading up to that and what you do following that is important.

(Okay, wait… I lied, there is one thing. If you were using the crystal while doing energy work and it broke, you can be sure it has absorbed a lot of negativity. In this case, you shouldn’t use it again for healing.)

What to do with a broken crystal:

What were you doing when it broke? Throwing it?! jk. The reason I ask you to think about this is because the way you were using it before may have been what caused it to break. Sometimes it’s physics, but sometimes a crystal can just be sitting there innocently on your bedside table and break, seemingly out of nowhere (hint: it’s never out of nowhere). Overuse can cause it to break— think of it like a stress fracture because you’ve been running too much (can’t relate). I’m just saying… maybe you could consider changing how you’re acting with your crystal. Every crystal is different and so is every person. For example, some crystals aren’t awesome for everyday carry.

Take moldavite, a form of tektite formed when a meteorite hit earth 15 million years ago, for example. It’s very extraterrestrial-feeling, and some people can only work with it in small doses and wearing it everyday could just be too much.

After you’ve broken your crystal and carefully considered what’s up with that, you can figure out what to do next. If it’s a big boy, sure, feel free to mend it. There are glues you can use to do this without harming the crystal— but honestly, I can’t imagine putting a synthetic material like glue on a crystal. I’m just a simple girl; I only put glue on myself.

Here are some ideas for moving forward with your broken crystal (but use your intuition and do whatever feels best for you and your son, the celestite from your trip to San Francisco):

  • Cleanse it and then… leave it alone. Now you have two crystals. And then you can use it for these:

    • Exactly the same as you used it before.

    • Gift one piece to your bff. It’s like the new bff necklace.

    • Wire-wrap it and wear it on a chain.

    • Use small pieces in spell jars or mojo bags.

  • If your crystal shattered, you can collect the shards and add them to soy wax to create crystal-infused candles.

  • If you sense that you have exhausted your crystal and you feel like it’s okay to let it go, you can place it in a pot with your favorite house plant.

  • You can bury it in your back yard.

  • Put it in a spray bottle with moon water and mist your rooms for maximum coziness.