New Moon in Taurus Ritual: Trust Your Feral Vibes

Hayley’s old friend, Austin, always says that, like an animal, you choose a partner that smells right to you. You know better when “something just doesn’t smell right.” Your senses don’t lie. Your body does not lie.

Very recently Hayley and her boyfriend amicably decided to go their separate ways, and I have recently had some unappealing health concerns that shocked me into action. For everyone I know, things are being shaken and brought to the surface by way of an intense sensation of “wrongness,” or sensing that a critical scent is just off.

Fear not, if this is you right now. It’s all of us, in one way or another. These things are coming up now for the best. Even if you think you can squelch it, don’t. Your mind could be writing checks your body can’t cash. These irrefutable decisions made by your body are forcing you to revolt against anything that’s worn out in your life, revealing what is best for you in the long run. You're leveling up SO hard.

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This new moon in Taurus is forcing many of us to face ourselves. Some of us may come into a crisis of self worth. It’s important during this time to give yourself a bit of tough love and commit to taking care of yourself number one. Get on the same page with your body. Your body is the boss right now; what it says goes. If it doesn’t feel right, smell right, or look right, get the fuck out. Trust your intuition; your feral vibes do not lie. Your body is sending your mind messages that you really need to listen to. The clarity that comes from listening to your body and trusting your gut is huge right now, like an undeniable flash of lightning, like the contrast between night and day that you simply cannot argue with.

Meanwhile, back at the lodge, there are also are major financial boosts in the works... think in terms of money that isn’t yours yet. Like inheritance or gifts, happenstance, or luck. This moon could bring wealth like this into your possession, especially if you are a Taurus and your mind is ripe for manifesting.

Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn, aligning with this 24 degree Taurus new moon, so expect rapid change news that warms your heart and gives you a sense of wonder about the world. We should be embracing wanton, childlike energy. And get ready! Uranus, the planet of change, revolution, even evolution, is moving into Taurus today for the first time since 1942, shaking any rocky foundations. Ask for, expect, and accept big things.

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The Ritual

This ritual can be done within -/+ 4 days of the New Moon. For this month, that means you have from now until Saturday to do your ritual.

Step one: get your manifesting journal ready... or find a new journal if you don't have one yet. Get a special one you have never used. Do not use this journal for anything else ever! This is some serious shit right here. If you don’t have one, get one. This journal is for New Moon intentions only, and can’t have ever been used for another purpose. Every page in this journal is programmed to manifest your intentions. You can gather a stack of paper and staple or clip it together, but this is not an ideal alternative; just get a journal, my dude. It can’t just be loose or just one piece of paper. Looseleaf paper does not work because that signals to the universe that you don’t really want to manifest anything bad enough to commit more than one page to it. Staple that bitch, if nothing else.

Okay, so let’s consecrate (skip this if you have already done it; you only need to consecrate it once). Place your dominant hand over your journal, and imagine pure white light pouring from your hand into the journal. Say, “I dedicate this journal to manifesting my New Moon intentions.” Feel the energy and intention flowing from you into the journal. Alright now you have a consecrated journal! I’ve been using mine for almost 2 years and it’s so cool to look back on my first intentions and see how they have legit come true.

Write out your intentions. This is super important: use PRESENT TENSE. For example, write, “I am rich,” rather than, “I will be rich,” or “I wish I were rich.” I shudder to even type that. Write what you want to manifest as if you have already manifested it. What you focus on comes back to you. If you write things like, “I wish I were rich,” you will STAY wishing you were rich. Some of our intentions, written specifically for this Aquarius New Moon, are included below for examples. Don’t ever say “I want,” or “I will.” Everything you want, you already have. Stick with “I am,” “I have,” “I manifest,” etc.

Seal it with a clause. Write this at the end of your list: "I thank the universe for my intentions fully manifesting in alignment with my highest good and for the highest good of others involved. So it is." Write it like you mean it.

You can always write any intentions you want, but here are a few examples for this month's New Moon in Taurus.

I cultivate an attitude of joyous expectancy.

•I love my body.

•I am a powerful money magnet.

•I am fully open to receiving news that changes my life.

•I easily and often attract powerful new opportunities and experiences.

•I am deeply and completely in love with myself.

•I stand my ground firmly for what I believe in.

•I manifest my deepest wishes (expand on this but remember to keep it present tense!)

•I completely release what no longer serves me.

•I attract exciting adventures.

•I appreciate all the details that add up to the whole.

•I am completely comfortable inside myself.

•I am ready to take a leap on love. 

•I see the world with fresh eyes.

•My desires lead me to the perfect place, in alignment with my highest good.

•Women are powerful as fuck. All of my friends are thriving hard.

•Money is everywhere. It’s almost too easy to make.

•I am fully liberated from _______ (<—— insert what you want to release). 

•I am inspired by new horizons.

•I trust that the universe provides what I need.

•The fire in my gut opens every door.

•I am completely safe and secure in all aspects of my life.

P.S. don’t forget your clause at the end! Enjoy thinking about what you would really like to manifest. Be lavish and luxurious; don’t worry about being realistic. Once you write it down, you don’t have to think of it anymore or read it. The universe will take care of it.

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Other New Moon Activities & Rituals

  • Drink some tea that helps you manifest while you take a chill ritual bath with Himalayan salt, ginger, your fav water-friendly crystals, and essential oils.

  • Before setting intentions, set the mood. I light a shit ton of candles and burn sage to clear negative energy. Sometimes I get real serious and make a bonfire. Imagine that any lingering energy that is no longer serving you dissipates while burning sage before you write out your intentions. Clear the air and cleanse yourself of this energy. I always incorporate any divination tools I use, including my tarot cards and crystals into this, making sure they get saged, too.

  • After saging, burn palo santo or sweetgrass to fill the voids left behind by the negative energy you've just released. Ask your higher self to fill these spaces with love and positive, healing light from your highest vibration. Project this onto your crystals, as well.

  • Charge your crystals. After saging and palo santo or sweet grass-ing them, leave all your little rock babies to bathe in the moonlight, or put them on a windowsill that gets moonlight if you can't leave them outside. You can do this with your cards, too.

  • Now you're done. Thank yourself, your highest self, tarot cards, your crystals and other divinatory tools, and especially the moon for the time and energy to manifest what your greatest