life is a prism (new moon in taurus)

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Pour a glass of St. Germain and slip on your finest silk kimono, this New Moon in Taurus is going to be a sumptuous ride. Though the sky will be dark on May 15th, this is the sentinel New Flower Moon of Spring and will likewise bring a lot of growth and beauty our way for weeks to come. Be prepared for this new moon to behave a lot like a full moon, with all the fun and drama.

The stats:

New Moon in Taurus at 24 degrees:

  • receiving a trine from Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn (easy, fast changes in money/career)

  • receiving a semisextile from Venus in Gemini (little fly buzzing in yr ear saying u ain’t shit)

  • Uranus enters Taurus same day (boom! whyyyyyy whaaaaaa???)

  • Jupiter at 17 degrees Scorpio (sexy af if u think money + sex is sexy idk)

Astro backstory: Taurus is the pastoral bull king/queen who seeks peace and fulfillment at any cost. Although anger isn’t foreign to the bull, the energy of Taurus is sensual and passive unless stirred to fury by repeated assaults on its tranquility. This May New Moon in Taurus is all about surprising the bull. There is no time to react to all the good things on the agenda in the coming month, bypassing the Taurean urge to double check the savings account, say no instinctively, and generally test new ideas for months before acting. Surprises and gifts from the Universe beyond our wildest dreams are at their most exciting phases right now; it's like a seed that's growing at hyper-speed. The only condition: we have to go on faith and gut. Thank goodness we don’t have time to ask questions because we might have passed on something amazing. Trust is key.

The aspects to this New Moon are generating a lot of dynamic tension. With the bitchy semi-sextile to Venus, there will be a lot of detractors to your success, but flick the haters off because that petty stuff ain't for you bb--the Fleek shall inherit the Earth. The Moon's trine to Pluto will speed events up beyond a pace that's comfortable and some things in your life that have needed to end for a long time will die a peaceful death on May 15th (+/- 4 days). Pluto rules self-control, other people’s money, death, and sex. We know those sound crazy different, but they all involve trust and power. All of these areas are in beautiful aspect to the New Moon, suggesting that any news received at this time will come about quickly, as all the barriers to receiving have been removed. The news will be concerning the most important relationships in your life as well as big expensive deals that require you to take a chance and trust that everything is working out in your favor. The stakes are high and your intuition is *on* right now. We believe in you and your dreams have a *HUGE* chance of coming true and setting the stage for an upswing in 2018.

So ummm we did a little reading for you guys...and it looks kinda amazeballs. This three card read is a little darling that you can do for yourself too:

germain flower new moon spread.jpg

May New Flower Moon Spread:

1. How will the new moon affect my life? 

Ace of Pentacles: New beginnings on the job front, in the area of finances, windfalls of money coming to you, promotions, pregnancy, new love that will go the distance. Calculated risks of all kinds will be affecting our lives at this new moon. Concentrate on planting the seed (your dream)—you don’t have to grow it yourself, because the Universe is a fertile substrate. Trust that your dream can and will be made into a reality.

2. What events will be set in motion for the next month?

8 of Wands: This card is all about rapid change and exciting plans being put into motion. The energy associated with this new moon is like a ride in a horse drawn carriage. The horse is chill af but a sudden lightening strike sends him into a full-on gallop. Things you casually dreamed about or thought might happen years down the road are happening NOW. Damnit—your bank account isn’t ready for it, you’re scared of change, you’re going through a bad break up, you’re working full-time, you weren’t sure this was even something you wanted. Whatever your excuse, Uranus couldn’t give less of a shit. There’s help from unseen hands, loans available, plane ticket deals somehow in the direction you need to travel. Stop whining. Everything is working in tandem and all you have to do is say YES. Your cosmic brakes are out, so it won’t do any good pumping them—just let go and let god[ess].

3. What is the lesson?

5 of Wands: Learning to have fun despite frustrations. This card is showing up as our lesson from all the speedy changes that develop in the coming weeks. Although we don’t have a lot of control and everything seems to be happening at once, the obstacles that arise from all the wild change are merely irritations inviting you to laugh. You are safe, embrace the drama because it’s the smoke from the fire of your dreams coming true.

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LYLAS xoxo,

Hayley & Kelli