Full Blood Moon in Aquarius + Lunar Eclipse: Dancing in the New World Order

Full Blood Moon in Aquarius square Uranus and conjunction Mars with a dang Lunar Eclipse

This month's full moon is known as The Blessing Moon, and it just might be that the blessing is a huge revolution: personal, professional, relationships, politics... Anything and everything is liable to switch tracks right now. And void bless it! We love change and upheaval around here.

The theme of this massive blood red lunar eclipse in Aquarius is doing it your way, in a stroke of emotional genius. Trusting your gut is so powerful right now that I urge you (even during a mercury retrograde!) to NOT overthink it or wait or slow down—the energy is that iconoclastic and striking and it will force you to make some very tough choices whether you want to or not. The kind of fixed sign power you’ll be experiencing will be in fits and starts and require feats of strength and endurance—whatever you’re doing is straight up monumental and needs more strength than you have.

Enter: fucking James Dean-esque, cool rebel without a cause in a motorcycle jacket Mars-Uranus in Aquarius as he puts out his cigarette on his *own* arm. DID SOMEBODY CALL THE MOST BADASS VERSION OF YOU TO COME FUQ WITH THE H8RS? Yes, yes they did. And she’s pissed and she’s not gonna let you lay down and take it anymore. You’re letting loose in that way that makes people be like... damn are you ok?? But, truly, you could not give less of a shit.

It’s time to say that THING you’ve been trying to say in so many complex and polite iterations for the past six months or longer—with all the retrogrades you better goddamn BELIEVE that you’re rehashing old habits and cycles that are finally fatiguing and breaking down in that same way a paper clip snaps in half when you bend it back over and over in the same place (did anyone else do this in school?? Anybody? Nope just me. Ok.)

Here’s the thing: this eclipse is not about words; it’s about something bigger—it’s about a community getting together, it’s about revolution: organizing an uprising, it’s about honoring your truth. I don’t think you’re going to need to speak it... I think your message has been oozing out of you for some time now and you’re ready to own it in a very real and very cold way. Kind of like when you haven't even said anything and somehow everyone knows you're ready to GO. It's a massive shift in energy. This is not hothead anger, this is the anger of someone who has gotten tired of fighting and approached a level of Zen that can disarm someone at the most appropriate second.

Aquarius is the planet of individuality and community which is why it classically represents friendships, cults, and all meetings of the minds. The aggro power behind this holy identity explosion is an intense lightning storm of surprises and chaos that seems to come from outside but ultimately crystallizes and maybe even ends a pattern for good from deep within. In a good way! It's like when the fucking wheels you wanted to stay on fall off and somehow you're relieved? You’re dealing with the power of water as ice floes and the power of fire in lightning. 

Lesson time: lunar eclipses, even blood moons, even with all the nodes and chutzpah are just full moons on mothereffing steroids. Whatever an eclipse is, it’s always a launchpad rigged with jetfuel. You ever do a full moon harvest ritual on ayahuasca? Girl, that’s what it’s like. Something that seemed to require a year of planning or something that required an impossible amount of money or time shows up on your doorstep and is like um, u rang? You’re being asked to put your money where your mouth is and be careful what you wish for because it's about to slap you in the face.

Earth seen from the Moon | Neil Armstrong

Earth seen from the Moon | Neil Armstrong

This should make you realize one of two things (or maybe both): a) you could have had what you dreamed of/needed all along, you just were not ready to receive it and now you have finally grown into the kind of person that is compatible with the things you want, OR b) you need to do a mercy kill on something that has been over for a long time—you are meant for different things in such a big fucking deal (BFD™) way right now that you’re about to blow a gaping hole through your life to be filled up with wild new things you can't even imagine and don’t even know yet.

So wouldn’t it be cool if it was just this simple and awesome, like a poof of smoke? Sigh. It seems like with this eclipse emphasizing all the fixed signs, you summoned a personal hero, a saint, an inner warrior who has come to claim your comeuppance. This savior brought a gun to a knife fight, though, and we need to make sure we don’t overreact to what comes up... because there’s sure to be a lot of mixed messages with Mercury in retrograde. Also, with Mars still retrograde, your energy is at an all time low, so preserve it. Make concise and effective moves to avoid frittering away all your energy on little things when the big things are going to be hitting you like a wave in the next two weeks. 

There is a lottttt of tension with this eclipse, as if everything is on a precipice and we are using all our strength to not go over the edge. But with the Moon in Aquarius, maybe just leap off? With Uranus in Taurus, the threats to your security will be easy to spot from miles away and they seem to be easy to prepare for, but you will still be surprised by the intensity and unpredictability of the storm here. Something could come up that is nobody’s fault and forces you to react on a dime. It’s a little like two trains on a track. You’re the conductor and you have to switch tracks at the last second to keep them from colliding. Relax, though, the world is not over, nor is it ending.

There’s a little bit of bile spit with this eclipse. Something is about to come to a head out of nowhere causing an almost instinctive reaction in us—our passion, jealousy, fear and anger—all the ancient history will be triggered. Wild animals have never seemed so cool-headed, though.

Through all of this, you've ascended the next level. Your vision is pure... for humanity and yourself.  You will abide not a hater. You’ll stand your ground and though you may strike someone where they’re weakest to protect yourself or make a wild move like a serpent, it looks more like an intricate ballet than a savage war. Wild and highly predictable chaos. You are dancing in the new world order.

And you are creating it.

Kelli Jenkins