Invisible Crown - Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th

image photographed by the supreme goddess @light_witch (aka Courtney Brooke)

image photographed by the supreme goddess @light_witch (aka Courtney Brooke)

The solar eclipse in Leo is the last eclipse of the year and without a doubt the most enlightening. Your inner goddess is rising up to be crowned, but the coronation is not without it’s challenges. Your feelings of insecurity and impostor syndrome are at direct odds with a lot of self-righteousness that you need to honor right now. The fix: wait it out and crown yourself queen of your own personal kingdom. You think you make shitty art? Art baroness. You do tarot but you’re way off lately? Tarot goddess. You a super mom thot who’s tired af? Mom queen. You got a failed relationship? Love empress. It’s about taking your insecurity and using it as fertilizer of the new you that will flower in 6 months and have you stunned at the transformation. You need to fake it till you make it (Leo also rules acting, roles, in addition to royalty) and upgrade your role now so you can fill the shoes you will be asked to wear in the coming months, even if it feels too soon.

Solar eclipses bring energy that has been percolating behind the scenes to the surface to be cleaned, cleared, and validated. The first things you’ll notice with this solar eclipse, for all signs, is a sense of clarity. Whatever nameless anxieties, confusion, or endings that have been dredged up by the past two eclipses in the midst of retrograde season will be brought out into the light of the sun. The thing with sunlight is it’s an astringent and a purifier. What comes into the light of the sun will have to be seen. This might feel scary because we’ve been used to living in darkness, rehashing the old in retrograde season, but by August 27th, Mercury and Mars will be direct and whatever moves you’ve been having trouble making will seem so much easier after that date. Partly it’s because with this clarifying solar eclipse, the information you’ve been waiting to emerge to help you with your decisions will come to light. It is like we have been missing a crucial piece of the puzzle, but pressured to act without it. Any motions you make now will validate your gut instincts and deepest desires.

While in the hotbed of lunar messiness, astrological shitstorms, and high stakes retrogrades, it may have felt impossible for you to make a decision—almost like you had been dragged under a wave, struggling to make your way to the surface. The past two weeks may have featured anxiety and anticipation that could only be described as Hitchcockian in proportion—with all the twists and turns you’d expect of a murder mystery (hopefully without all the murder). Within the next month, the new phase of the Solar Eclipse in Leo will make its way through and end the suspense for you. The need for attention will feel paramount: you may find yourself uncharacteristically pouting if you're not given the respect you feel you deserve. Your ego is sensitive because it's the ship that's carrying you to your destination and it needs to stay afloat. Fortunately, this will only make you try harder for diva status as you struggle to see yourself up on the pedestal you may have created for others in the past. The issue is that you should really be centering down and giving yourself the nurturing you’re seeking from others. Do anything and everything to get your dick back, bolster your ego all by yourself, turn up some insane ego-inflating jams and walk around town like you own the place. If you are seeking attention and feeling insecure, there’s an incredibly easy fix—stop waiting for others to claim you and honor your title. Focus on the hobbies and challenges that make you feel like yourself and don’t be afraid to say that you’re the best. The less you give away your power to loved ones right now, the more they paradoxically love you. Leo is a me-first placement, and with your moon here, demanding respect and a rightful place in the sun is a huge part of you feeling yourself and making the most of this transit. 

As we look down on the seeds we've planted, there are things we can try to predict from the surface but we’ll never really know until they’re unearthed and born. What emerges right now will be truly the light version of the chthonic total solar eclipse we experienced August of 2017. Last year, there were some dark endings that forced a reset on all of our relationships. This year, the pressure to communicate and stake are claim is lessened, but we’ll still all be feeling highly dramatic and willing to make sweeping changes. In Leo, love relationships and the future of creative projects will be on your mind. Everything may be hanging in suspense for you until all of a sudden the truth bursts through to the surface. If you’re going through a difficult time regarding something that ended with the lunar eclipse at the end of July, you’ll see the sprouts of something new and much more rewarding growing out of the muck of that experience. 

All solar eclipses are doors that open onto another future—and swing closed the door that we just exited. With hard and soft aspects to Jupiter and Neptune, this eclipse is opening a door to warmth and divine love, ladders from heaven emerging with miraculous timing to take us to our dreams, but it might come in a package that at first seems a little hard to swallow or too much (key word of Leo with Jupiter). Sometimes it’s hard to trust—it’s hard to relax into our intentions and believe that they’re really manifesting—but it’s also hard to trust things that look to obvious and too good to be true. Go with it. You can’t dig up the roots to check for growth—patience is needed, which is where all the stress, pressure, and anxiety is coming from. We are birthing something beautiful in ourselves that we can’t see until 6 months down the road, which is why it is soooooo important for you to put positive and explicit intentions out there. You need to be able to write your goals down in one sentence, but embellish them with details like a true Leo. Ask for glory, ask for attention, and ask to be levitated out of the mediocrity and you can claim your crown at the end of this 6 month cycle.

LYLAS xoxo <3,