Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer: A very public open wound, alt. title I hate high school


“How do you do, fellow kids?” Wyd?”

The solar eclipse in Cancer has you bracing for a rather teenage wave of emotion, fully awkward and fully ready to fuck with everyone’s shit because you’re mad at your own. Life is wildt. Sometimes you walk away with the brass ring. Sometimes you toil and gnash your teeth, feeling like you’re getting nowhere, while everyone else seems to have it figured out. This solar eclipse season, you’ll feel like you pulled the long and the short straw, as events leave you feeling both emotionally raw and like you’ve received a gift when you needed it most. Chiron is in aspect to this new moon eclipse. And in Aries, Chiron talks about basic self-worth and learning how to ask for what we want. Most of all: being brave enough to take up space. With Uranus involved in positive aspect, something exciting will likely challenge your old, ugly beliefs about yourself and your love-ability and allow you to be authentic for the first time in maybe a while. Anger is a thing that women can hide or even try to disassociate themselves from completely. With the rawness of the solar eclipse, you might have the opportunity to see the aggressive and protective part of you and realize it’s a gift. Your instincts are a gift and your anger isn’t something to be afraid of. You are an egg in your own personal omelette. You have to break, or nothing’s going to happen.

I’m gonna go ahead and say though, Cancer is mostly about nurturing itself through nurturing others. Getting vulnerable and realizing the fragility of human life and the flux inherent in all relationships. It’s time to appreciate that you’re alive at this summer eclipse, whatever that means for you. But definitely, living like you’re going to die. This is not just some generic gratitude you’re taught to feel for your life—it’s about recognizing that it can be ripped away at any time. It’s important to remember that you have a lot more agency, than you think you do, and if you can edit your limiting thinking that keeps you feeling disconnected, you can fully *feel it all* like the shivering ball of humanity that you are.

The classic motif with Cancer moon season is “self care.” How can we take care of ourselves, how can we honor our inner child, etc., etc. Little do we notice that we take care of ourselves all the time, but it’s not always so face mask and mental health day simple. Sometimes taking care of ourselves is violent and selfish and rude. Not cute. Which can be a bummer for the Cancers and Libras and heavy Moon/Venus among us who want to wrap it in a ribbon and emulsify self-interest until it’s a perfect, (self) loving package. You are in a phase where anything less than honesty and openness, feels boring—vulnerability is ugly and asking weird questions actually gets you the weird answers you’re seeking. This solar eclipse is about honoring your inner baby teenager and doing self-care a little more crazy. Have sex, follow your heart, act dumb and in love, take off work. Make your decisions out of clarity and purity of purpose and not just impulse—but make the call, it’s your turn to take back your wounds and empower yourself. If you feel like being a bitch, be a bitch. If you want to say I love you, say I love you. If you’re afraid of both, don’t let that stop you.


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